Climate Prediction(GPC)

Operation and Products of Dynamical Climate Model Prediction System


GODA(Global Ocean Data Assimilation)
  • Based on the latest observation of Global Ocean, GODA system runs at the early beginning of each month to produce the assimilated data such as sea temperature, currency, salty, etc, for the sake of Coupled GCM's prediction and diagnosis on Oceanic condition, details....
  • Products: 
    • Monthly Mean of Sea Temperature of Pacific and Global Ocean 
    • Monthly Mean of Currency 
    • Monthly Mean of Salty
    • Nino Index:Nino1+2 Nino3 Nino4 Nino3.4
Monthly Forecast(Monthly "30 days" Forecast)
  • Conducted by DERF which runs at the end of ecah dekad with 32 members of maximum ensemble size. The initial condition come from global atmospheric data assimilation of T213, and the boundary conditions are latest weekly persist SSTA. Details......
  • Products:
    • circulation and factors in the 40 days of future
Seasonal Forecast(Seasonal "90 days" Prediction)

1. by CGCM 

  • Ensemble mean of 8 members: 
    • Spring Forecast : issued at Feb. for MAM 
    • Flood Season Forecast : issued at Mar. for JJA 
    • Summer Forecast : issued at May. for JJA 
    • Flood Season Supplyment Forecast : issued at Jun. for JA & JAS 
    • Autumn Forecast : issued at Aug. for SON 
    • Annual Forecast : issued at Oct. for DJF & next MAM JJA 
    • Winter Forecast : issued at Nov. for DJF  

2. by RegCM for EastAsia

  • RegCM nested with CGCM
    • Flood Season Forecast : issued at Mar. for JJA 
    • Annual Forecast : issued at Oct. for DJF & next MAM JJA  

ENSO Prediction

  • Conducted by simplified ENSO model run at the end of each season in order to predict the Nino3 Index of next 2-3 seasons